Basement Crack & Foundation Repair Services

Disaster Restoration Group provides crack and foundation repair services in Eastern New Jersey from as far north as Passaic County to as far south as Atlantic City. In New Jersey, foundation problems are common as the ground shifts and foundations settle. At Disaster Restoration Group, we have 25 years of hands-on experience repairing cracks and foundations.

How Do You Know If You Need Foundation Repair Services?

Some signs that you might need crack and foundation repair services include the following:

  • Visible cracks on the interior walls or zigzagging along the exterior of a brick home;
  • Doors or windows that stick and don’t open or close as easily as they once did;
  • Caulking that has pulled away from windows;
  • Crown molding that has pulled away from the ceiling;
  • Bowed basement walls
  • Water pooling in the basement;
  • Mold growth;
  • Sloping or sinking floors; and/or
  • Wrinkles in the wallpaper.

In addition, if you have a brick home, you can use a level to check mortar joints. These should be in straight lines.

When Should You Call A Professional?

At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, our qualified, professional staff will analyze your crack and foundation problems and provide the best solution for your issues, whether big or small.

Even small cracks can be a threat to the foundation of your home. These small cracks grow larger, leading to structural damage, and also allow water seepage, which can lead to the growth of mold. They also allow an entry point for insects and radon gas. Sealing cracks is the most effective way to stop this damage.

Foundation Repair Services in New Jersey

At Ideal Basement Waterproofing, we tackle foundation repairs with the latest technology. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Foundation crack repair;
  • Slab and floor installation or replacement;
  • Complete wall replacement; and
  • Interior wall resurfacing and painting.

Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch With ERT Crack Repair System

Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch with ERT Crack Repair System has dramatically altered concrete crack repair by integrating carbon fiber stitching with a structural epoxy adhesive. A true structural repair that can be used for vertical or horizontal crack repair. The first commercially available concrete crack control stitching system, Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch with ERT Crack Repair is built to transfer the load away from repair materials, distributing the load to solid concrete and preventing cracking fatigue.

The reinforcement system is a pre-impregnated, bidirectional carbon fiber grid strap. When used with Epoxy injection the grid stitch has more surface area than staples helping make this system successful. The bigger surface are causes a stronger and more efficient bond and ensures better stability for your home.

Contact us today at Disaster Restoration Group for all your crack and foundation repair needs! We also offer services such as French drain and sump pump installation that can prevent damage to the foundation of your home.