Demolition Cleanup Services

In our 24 years of renovation and restoration services, we have mastered the safest and most effective techniques to knocking down your walls. Our 24/7 emergency call service is here to help you at any time. Just give us a call, no machines, no waiting.

Our demolition services are offered when you are in need of remodeling or when you need to clean up the aftermath of a disaster and then remodel. You can utilize our services for indoor and outdoor demolition. Not only do we demolish, but we clean up the mess too! We have a 24 hour max turnaround time for estimates and we accept all insurances!

We can demolish rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, attics, and basements to name a few and we can clean up after the demolition and rebuild something new. We are professionals at knocking things down to make something better in place of it. Call us today for an estimate!

Reasons To Consider A Demolition:

It can be dangerous to start knocking down walls because you can be unsure of underlying electrical wires and pipes. Professionals should always execute a demolition because you may face unexpected problems that will not only slow you down but may cause severe damage that will make it harder and longer for professionals to fix. When it comes to a job that can put your family and your life in danger if not done correctly, it is best to have the job done right the first time to ensure proper demolition.

Our experts here at Disaster Restoration Group, have been serving areas in New Jersey for 24 years. If the occasion should occur when you need to collect an insurance policy for items lost; our team can help you gather the necessary requirements and documentation to help ease the process. Call us today to find out more about other services we offer to assist in the aftermath of any disaster, and speak with someone who can help guide you through a stress free claim.