Disinfecting Services

School Disinfecting Services

Schools can be breeding grounds for germs & infections, but our disinfecting techniques can help cut down on transmission rates and keep your students, faculty, and staff healthy and your attendance rates high.

Business & Municipality Disinfecting Services

Workplaces and common areas are constantly exposed to germs due to the high volume of traffic they receive. Our expert staff will sanitize your workplace or municipal property using EPA-approved methods for effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria. We focus on hard to reach areas and high traffic areas in order to eliminate the transmission of viruses and bacteria and decrease the number of days employees miss work due to illness. Our methods allow us to sanitize areas in a short amount of time, resulting in minimal downtime.

Residential Disinfecting Services

At Disaster Restoration, we use the latest and greatest commercial great disinfecting and sanitizing tools to sterilize your home and help ensure it’s a safe space for your family and your pets too. We treat surfaces with modern disinfection techniques, including electrostatic sprayers and healthcare-grade, whole room foggers. Our professionals will clean every surface, nook, and cranny of your home. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and are unscented.