Insurance Claim Restorations

In a disaster we unfortunately lose things that cannot be replaced, but we can submit a claim to your insurance company and hope for the maximum compensation based on your policy. While it won’t fill the void it may help ease the pain. Disaster Restoration Group of New Jersey can help you gather your frazzled thoughts and lead you on the right path after a flood, fire damage, or even biohazard contamination.

When it is time to collect your insurance policy you need to have all of your information, documentation and inventory organized and ready for review. Our professionals will help you with tips and tricks to claiming your losses from writing out an inventory of items lost to helping you understand your policy limits.

Unfortunately after such losses it is hard to remember and think of everything you can be reimbursed for by your insurance company. The most important thing to do is to make a complete list of items that you have lost. This includes jewelry, furniture, and any valuables that cannot be replaced or salvaged after the disaster. Making a list with approximate estimates for each item can help you receive an accurate reimbursement from your insurance company. It is our goal to help you retrieve your valuables so you can continue to live your life and rebuild what you have lost.

In case of an emergency you can contact our 24 hour emergency phone service, we are always here to help. We offer a 24 hour max turnaround time for estimates, and our fully accredited business accepts all insurances. Call us today to find out about our other services offered to assist in the aftermath of any disaster and speak with someone who can guide you through a stress free claim and inventory process.